10% Monday
-10% off all Cartridges
-10% off all Flower (exc. 1/8th specials)
-10% off Accessories

Edible Tuesday
-10% Off all Edibles

Dabbable Wednesday
-$5 off all dabbable extracts

Thirsty Thursday
-$2 off all medicated drinks

Vibrant Weekend Stock Up (Fri-Sun)
-$2 off all prerolls
-$3 off Vibrant Highs extracts

Price Matching!
We will match any price from our local community. Please have the menu from the location in hand, and we will match any non-flower product instantly.


At Eugene OG we value your business, and we'd like to reward you! 

Here's how it works:

Using Baker (our rewards program and Online Menu), you can create an account to earn reward points from your purchases! Use these points for gear, accessories and clothing from our shop! Prizes can be earned after your first purchase! To view our baker menu click the button below.

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